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{APPNAME} – Payment of booking deposit late


*** Please do not reply to this email. Use relevant links in the body of this mail ***

Dear {{$name}} {{$lastname}},

Payment for pre-booking {{$event_name}} is LATE !

Your potential customer has NOT made the payment for the booking of {OWNER_PROPERTY_NAME} ({OWNER_PROPERTY_ID_UNIQUE}) within the time limit of {BOOKING_PAYMENT_TIME_LIMIT} hours. The dates are re-open to booking again.

What Should I do now?

Do nothing and wait – First of all, {APPNAME} will contact your potential customer to find out about possible reasons for the delay in payment. If the client has not managed to make the payment within the time limit {APPNAME} support will encourage your potential customer to contact you again with request that you confirm the booking request once again. Once you receive another request from the same person you may:

Reject the booking request – it may be the case, that while you were waiting for the payment, you have received another bookig request either from {APPNAME} or from another service you cooperate with. Obviously, you are not obliged to accept the booking request again.

Accept the booking request again – if you have not received another booking request from another source, and still want to accept the booking request, you will be able to accept the booking request again and the Customer will have another {BOOKING_PAYMENT_TIME_LIMIT} hours to make the payment of the booking deposit.