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Psychotherapist Pawel Potoniec

I received my master of art degree 1) at Jagiellonian university in Krakow 2) at Saint Michael’s college in Vermont, USA. I have graduated from Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy in krakow and upon graduation became the holder of certificate of psychotherapist. I have also received certificate of psychotherapist from European Association  for Psychotherapy.
I am a member of Polish Association of Integrative Psychotherapy being organizational member of Polish Psychotherapy Council. My education met the criteria of ministry of health and Polish Psychotherapy Council in Polish Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy. I have gone through psychotherapeutic process in humanistic approach. Following my pleasant need for further professional development, I am currently in 2 year’s program for active psychotherapists in Advanced School of Contemporary School of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

Additional training:

  • Clinical diagnosis: DSM-IV-TR,
  • Integrative Short-Term Therapy
  • Integrative Psychotherapy of depression disorders
  • Integrative Psychotherapy of anxiety disorders
  • Psychosomatic therapy, mindfulness
  • Psychotherapy of patients with eating disorders
  • Clinical hipnosis
  • body-oriented psychotherapy (1 year course)
  • couple psychotherapy
  • group psychotherapy: processed-based group (interpersonal training), psychotherapeutic group

— Experience acquired outside private practise —
Since January 2013 until December 2015 I have done psychotherapeutic internship in Polish Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy. During this time, I did individual therapy, couple and family therapy under weekly supervision. I have also assisted in educational training for future psychotherapist. I have enriched my work experience working with psychotic patients during internship in Babiński Mental Hospital in Krakow. Starting with 2013 until now I do group therapy in “MONAR” Addiction Treatment Center. I supervise my work at certified Supervisors holding certificates of PTP, EAP, PTPI). I am married and the father of three children.